First Loves

I am back home in Alaska for the week.  Balmy spring break, eh?  I plan on going down to the local bar in my bikini for the girls gone wild video shoot.  I am joking, that would be horrifying on so many levels.  Dear Cancun, get a life.

I have some exciting things coming up for the blog, so stay tuned.  But first!  Some more exciting things!  For me at least.  I did a "photoshoot" of my car last spring and just relocated the photos and thought they were quite striking.  Some day soon I will retrieve her from the west side and begin guzzling outrageous amounts of my bank accou- I mean gasoline.
My first Love:

And I also ran across this photo (which I did not take). 
My Love, with his first Love.
For a little clue about my upcoming exciting plans for the blog: 28 states, 1 motorhome, 2 months: