cross stitch

My entire life consists of working, making art for school, and working on my magazine.  Consequently I have not been able to take any outfit photos.   I just did my laundry today for the first time in weeks because I finally had the time, so now I will have more options when I get dressed.  I don't often wish this, but I really am aching for a mani-pedi.  My feets are so tired from being on them all weekend.  And my hands are horrible because I've been making plaster, which is all stuck under my fingernails along with espresso, plus the plaster takes all moisture out of skin, so they're super dry.

Here are the embroidered RV's I was talking about earlier.  My professor wants me to do an enormous one or a huge intricate cross stitched one.  This stresses me out slightly.  Mostly because I've never cross stitched before, but I know he's right and that I need to push this to the ultimate end.  I really like these little ones (they are about six inches across), but they don't carry much weight to them, visually.