Queen Bee

I have been so busy this week that the internet has been rather low on my priority list.  It kind of feels good to be doing physical things rather than clicking around a virtual world. 

I've been doing a lot of art and a lot of magazine logistics/creation this past week and that will continue on for at least another week.  So, I'll try to keep this updated with fun things.  I am too tired to get my camera out and take pictures of what I've been up to, so here's a photobooth picture of a corner of my room with a conglomeration of things related to what I've been working on.

There are some motorhome embroideries and a half started painting.  Kind of messy right now, since I have a bunch of art accoutrements hanging about.  I will have better pictures of my art later.

Some exciting news, CORSAIR is going to have a debut party next friday!  Which means I have to be printed by like, four days from now.  And it's not even half done.  So I guess you can imagine what I'm going to be doing this weekend.  Her are some shots of done spreads. Just the cover and contents page.  I am in love with Ruben's paintings of girls.  He has this whole series of girls with their eyes closed.  Stunning.  

Oh, and a question for you guys.  I am getting so many comments on the article I wrote urging people to express themselves with their clothing choices vs. wearing sweats all the time.  They are saying that I am incorrect in labeling them as lazy and looking like slobs. (if you want to read the article and my lovely hate comments go to http://www.whitworthian.com/1.1480926-1.1480926 ).  What do you guys think?  I realize that sweats are comfy, but I use them to slough around the house in.  When I go out I am presenting myself to the world, and so when I see people wearing sweats I just think they don't care.  

So vote:  
Are sweats in any way a expressive of a style? 
Do they just make you look lazy and like a slob?