I just got some film developed the other day and I really like some of the pictures that came out.

This is my favorite, however.

And I found a picture I took some years ago that I like. It is very orange.

I started my spring semester classes yesterday. I'm pretty excited about them (of course I always start semesters very optimistic, then it's all downhill). I am taking all creative classes, which I think is good. I think it will be good to have a substantial "oomph" of creativity before graduating and going out in to the world of applying for jobs and other uncreative must-dos of the post school life. I am taking sculpture, painting III, advanced printmaking, senior exhibition, and newspaper. Sculpture will probably be interesting for me, since I primarily do two dimensional things. The only reason I'm taking it is because I need it to graduate, but I think it will extend my creative mind to think more three dimensionally. Printmaking and Painting will both be basically independent studies so I can just do whatever work I want, which will be good since I don't have any work made to put in Sr. Exhibit since last year's Jr. Exhibit.
Also, the magazine is in its final stages and I only have like one or two more pages to finish before sending it to the presses. FINALLY!