Princess May

Well, hello 2009, you look promising.
I am back home, which means I can download photos from my Christmas vacation! I will not inundate you with a bunch, so I'll spread them out over a few days. I will attempt to go in some sort of chronological order, though it doesn't really matter, I suppose.

Skirt: thrifted/Shirt: Nords Rack/Hat: Nords

I think that skirt is probably my favorite thing in my closet. It is the perfect color and style. I still haven't had an opportunity to wear the third one I got like it. Perhaps it will surface soon.

Jeans: Wet seal/Jacket: Nords Rack/Scarf: gift/Hat: borrowed from bro
Not too exciting of an outfit, but comfy and nice. I really liked my brother's hat. I think I might ask my grandma to make me one too.

Do you guys have any resolutions for 2009? Or do you think resolutions are dumb? I don't think I have any 'resolutions' per se, I am just very optimistic about my life at this point. I am at a cusp, of sorts, and it is quite exciting and somewhat exhilarating yet slightly frightening...

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