love child

Alright, alright I'll let you guys in on what I've been up to for the past couple weeks. I'm sure you weren't wondering, but I have been hinting about something exciting that I'm working on, so I'll let you all in on it. I am starting a style/art magazine called CORSAIR at my college this month and I'm hoping to get the first issue out at the end of the month! It will basically focus on style, art, and music. Obviously it will focus on local art and music, since it's a magazine for students at my school who live here during the school year. It is going to be basically a love child of Nylon, Swindle, Juxtapoz, etc. The style section doesn't have to be local, though, since we all can experience fashion on a world wide platform. I am thinking of featuring some bloggers maybe and featuring some of the styles from my journeys into the fashion blogger realm.

sweatshirt: thrifted/skirt: thrifted

If you guys have any ideas or tips for starting a magazine, I would indeed appreciate any input. As of right now, I am doing this all by myself with a couple of people I just got involved as staff members. It would be fun if anyone wanted to do a guest column or contribute anything! I can't pay anyone since I am publishing this all on my own with my own finances. Charity work!! Hah.