Hidden Gems

Whew!! I am so busy these days! I will try to squeeze in a post here and there.
Today I got an amazing skirt from Drop Yer Drawers. It's the best vintage/thrift store around these parts. Of course, it was quite a story getting the skirt. I am also doing an article on DYD for my magazine so I was going there to 'get the scoop' so to speak, as well as shop (because, really, it's impossible not to). Anyway, I ended up talking with the shop owner, Dave, for about two hours and had lunch with him. He is this aging hippie with grey dredlocks and a penchant for talking on and on and on. It was okay though because I didn't really have to interview him or anything, he just told me all about, well, just about everything! How he was in a band a while ago called Mighty Maxwell's Family Band. How he lost a ring in his backyard when he was young and probably on LSD, then 30 years later found it when he was digging trenches for wires. How his basis for deciding whether or not to be a vegetarian was if he could raise, slaughter and eat and animal himself (he did, and he named his pig "Mmmmm"). How he thinks everything is relative to space and time. How he thinks very literally and how one time when he was young his grandma told him they were going to ride on the bus and he didn't want to because there are no rails on top of busses. It was pretty fascinating. I was somewhat exhausted afterwards, however, because I am not used to so much social interaction.

Anyway, I don't have pictures of the skirt yet (though I am wearing it this very moment). It is
I have been thinking about jewels lately. Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds. I very much like Diamonds, however, I think other gems are fun too.

I've never really been partial to colored gems before because I thought they were gaudy and kind of ugly. I think they still are, if not done the right way. I guess I just like the antique ones. The ones you find in your grandma's jewelry box.

I really dislike contemporary jewelry, I think it is cursory, mass produced, and very unthoughtful. Antique jewelry is so personal and crafted. I hope I never own a piece of fine jewelry that is new.