Time warp

Well, I just realized that next week, not in two weeks, is finals week. Soooo, I'm a little bit on overload right now. Also, I found out today that I have a Chemistry test during the first hour of my craft fair on friday. So somehow I'm going to have to get someone to fill in for me during that first hour. I was planning on just skipping class that day, but that is impossible with this test. I just can't believe that in a week the semester is going to be over. Only one more left...

Here is my navy blue skirt! It is hard to ride a bike in. Luckily the semester is over so I won't be riding my bike anywhere anymore. Apparently I am only capable of wearing mustard yellow in recent times. I am okay with that, though. I like that color. Also: new Peacoat! Lovely B-Day present from Ma...
Shirt: Nords Rack
Skirt: Thrifted
Jacket: Nordstrom
Shoes: Thrifted

Well, tonight I have to crank out my senior thesis. I am half excited about, half loathing this project. By tomorrow it will be all said and done with, though, which is somewhat refreshing and a light at the end of a tunnel. Sort of.