Rockabilly Christmas

Well, in a fit of genius, I have failed to bring my memory card downloading device, so there will continue to be no outfit posts until the new year. I have finally reunited with my family in western Washington and we had our (mainly my) Christmas last night. I recieved many lovely things, but here is my very favorite bag:

Since I cannot post any outfits yet, here are some things I have found on the interweb:

(Lookbook, Behind the Seams)

(Pinup Girl Clothing)

I have recently been reminded of my passion for the pinup and rockabilly aesthetic. I go through style phases but the 'ugly 70's' and Pinup looks are always at the core of who I am as a person. My absolute adoration for vintage cars is probably at the root of that. I wish I lived in a warm sunny place where I could drive around all day in the hot vinyl interior of my car wearing one of the above outfits or leopard print cigarette pants and curled hair, or a high waisted pencil skirt and white tank. There is something so inherently sexy about the car culture rockabilly that is just natural.