Greetings, 2009!

I've been on a decor fix these past few days, delving through archives of Design*Sponge. Today I came across a lovely DIY from Mr. Peacock for decoupaging your ceiling! He used birds and flowers, but the possibilities are endless! I was thinking I couldn't do it because I rent an apartment, but he was saying that the decoupage will just wash off when you want to take the birds down. Brilliant. Check out his DIY here!

Also, check out these really neat calendars from norawhynot at etsy.

From the description: "The calendar is hand silkscreen printed onto recycled boxboard using hand-mixed inks to produce an original colour palette. Each month is separately printed with some months having as many as four separate passes, one of the colours being unique to that month, making all pages exclusive and individual - NO TWO ARE THE SAME."

Neat stuff for the new year!

I have to say, one of the banes of my existence (okay there really aren't that many...) is that I can't paint my apartment. Adding color to a living space really livens it up and makes it your own. I have tried quite hard to make my living space my own, however, sans paint. I can't tell you guys how excited I am for my first living space which I can make completely my own. Check out how incredibly this color transforms this little space! (design*sponge)

I think so many homeowners these days are scared of color. Houses are full of beige, white, and tan rooms. Color makes life so much more exciting. Live in color!!