Young Americans

Today is election day! Patriotic garb must ensue. One only gets to blatantly wear red, white and blue on a day other than July 4th on Election day. I am taking full advantage.

Now, usually I don't use this blog as some sort of ideological soap box complaining about the dearth of decency in humanity, but I was driving home this afternoon and I pulled up to a stop light behind a large pickup truck... with testicles hanging from its bumper. They weren't those flourescently colored, abstracted "truck nuts" I've seen before, they were fleshy and blatantly attempting to be anatomically correct. I was grossed out, not just as a woman, but as a human being. Why the hell does any man feel like he needs to hang testicles from his obesely large truck? And what's the point? Maybe it pissed me off more because yesterday in my animal biology class we were talking about snail shells and the guy next to me draws a penis for a shell on a snail on his neighbor's paper. I just don't know what goes through people's minds to make them do things like that.