Silly Girl

Today I could go off on some sort of political diatribe, but I choose not to.
Instead I am going to share with you some life inspiration (lifesperation? perhaps), which has come about from watching television. Maybe this is the mark of good television, when it inspires you to succeed in life rather than be a money-chasing, celebrity oogling nitwit who thinks they have to sleep with every man to get ahead in life/have self worth. That could be pidgeonholing, but it makes my point. Anyway, I have been watching Lipstick Jungle and Mad Men. Interestingly they are set in the same city (New York) and somewhat in the same industry (media). Of course they are set about 60 years apart. It is remarkable to me what a difference sixty years makes. We get so cocky about how advanced we are compared to the way people viewed women and minorities, but I think in 60 years we'll look back and think similar things about other issues. I guess my inspiration comes from watching how women were thought of in the 50's and 60's, and then seeing in Lipstick Jungle how women have progressed. In the 60's, portrayed by Mad Men, women are intellectually inferior, flighty, silly, shouldn't be taken too seriously, and in general inferior to all things male. These days women are known to be just as smart as men, with equal ability to do business and hold high powered positions. On one hand it kind of does look nice to just be a 50's housewife and do nothing all day except have dinner on the table at night. I imagine that would get boring rather quickly and lead to having babies which would at least give you something to do during the day. Anyway, it all makes me want to be self-sufficient and not have to rely on anyone- male or female, anyone- for support. I want to be like the women on Lipstick Jungle who have it all, can pay for their own trips to the Bahamas, their own shoes, their own jewelry. Perhaps this is all a reaction to heartbreak and not wanting to have to ever be vulnerable to another person ever again, but I guess if it gets me where I'm going I might as well feed off of it.

Okay, lets break up this sea of text with something of a little visual interest. I FINALLY got a lamp for my living room yesterday. I cannot believe how much my house finally looks like a home with just that little addition. It looks like a lamp from my grandma's house=perfect. Let's play Top Design for a sec, eh?:

Here is some sort of art piece on my wall. I don't know what to call it, it's not a painting or even a photo... we'll call it a collage. It matches the theme of my living room, though.

My senior pics! Haha. I just think they are funny because college senior picture means nothing and it's such a big deal in highschool. I suppose everything is a big deal in high school though. Especially things that shouldn't be.

This afternoon I feel like doing not much. Therefore I am reading Vogue, drinking mimosas and blogging. I have an audition for a movie role on friday. The casting director really likes me and wants me to audition, so I'm going down there. Part of me doesn't want to get the part because I wouldn't be able to go home for my birthday/thanksgiving, but then again this is a huge opportunity I should probably take if offered to me. Oh well.