Party on, Excellent

Well, tomorrow is the day. I have already voted, via absentee ballot, but tomorrow the rest of the nation decides. I have not paid any attention to the polls yet, but I hear the chances are slim for McCain. Regardless, it has been exciting to participate in history-making by voting. I do not understand why people don't vote (especially when they proceed to complain for the next four years about something they themselves chose not to effect).

Today I finally got a new mailbox key from my new apartment complex manager. Apparently it was his first day today and here I am already bitching about menial things like this mailbox key. For some reason it felt like a huge deal to me. The other day I broke down crying because all I wanted was to be able to check my mail. Probably a symptom of larger issues (also, PMS), but nonetheless, it feels good to not have that hanging over my head. I got my new issue of Nylon (Paris Hilton?) and a lovely box from my ma full of kitchen goodies in fall colors!!

Well, today I have lots of pictures, so I'd better get to it!

All these are from

My favorite thing about this one is the playboy in the bag...

These two make me want to dye my hair an unnatural-esque color of red. They are just a little bit beyond the rich red color of natural red heads. I am really enjoying my hair color right now, however, and I am not one for change.

Today is my favorite tee and jeans. Then I felt too black, and added some green. My hair says, "please wash 3 days of hairspray out of me!" Gross, I know. I get away with it because of the texture of my hair though, and I know that... which means I coax it a few days further than I probably should. Too much information probably.

OOh, here is an exciting thing! I got a new fragrance today! It makes me feel like a grown-up (just like parallel parking and making coffee in the morning do). My friend Cassie will probably laugh at me if she reads this because she let me use her SJP Lovely when I visited her last weekend and I liked it that much. NURD, sez I. Whatevs, I like it.
Also, I finally went to MAC and got some real lipstick (today is all about italics). I say real lipstick because my current regiment involves a ritual of yucky lipstick, then concealer, then liner (which is actually not liner, just a different lipstick), then like 10 year old clinique lipgloss. I have problems with getting rid of old things if I think they are still useful. I have tee shirts I wore when I was 9 years old. Yes, I wear them. I'm getting better at letting go though, trust.

Last, but not least:

Best Halloween costumes ever.