Minnie Winnie

Today I got my hair professionally cut for the first time in probably 4 years. I remember why I cut my own hair now. It's not that the cut is bad, but it's not what I asked him to do. I think it's hard to find a hairdresser who listens to what you want instead of only hearing certain words and then doing whatever they want. I said the word "layer" and he stopped listening after that. I know my hair, I know it's crazy and hard to deal with. I've spent 22 years with it and it's taken most of those 22 to figure out how to make it work well. Aaaaand, that's why I'm going back to cutting my own hair. Sigh. At least my horrible split ends are gone. I don't want to seem ungrateful for the cut, it was nice to have someone else cut my hair. It's so hard to cut my own. Sometimes you have to do things the hard way to get what you want, though.

Moving on, I found this artist the other night who does basically the exact same work as I do. Kind of bizarre, but wonderful at the same time. His name is Kevin Cyr. Go to his website *here*!
He drew the exact same winnebago that I painted! Same model and everything. Crazy eh? His artist statement regarding why he painted them the way he did is almost the same as mine as well. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels the same way as he does.