I need a lover with soul power

Today I came to the horrifying realization that I might not graduate and I don't want to be in this town any longer. I have figured out classes though and I can do it, it just doesn't look the exact way I wanted it to. I cried in a bathroom stall for about a half hour before realizing that I could probably figure out how to graduate one way or another. Great success.

Less emotional-nervous-breakdown-inducing things include: Making jewelry for my craft fair booth in December(!), listening to Ave Maria on repeat, Heartbeats by The Knife, getting mail, getting the new Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen book Influence in the mail(!), having the mail man tell me half his life story in 3 minutes, my bike.

I must make a note to myself to copy this outfit from Lookbook. It is adorable:

I wish I had seen this before I got dressed this morning. Wearing a belt over my outfit would've made it 100 times cuter. Also, my expression in these pictures is blank because they occured post-emotional freakout. Note to self: try not to look dead in photos.