I have realized that my favorite fashions occur, not on the runway, but on the street. Even in the blogs that I follow, I love seeing what the blogger is wearing/what street styles inspire them, rather than a post with pictures from a fashion show. Not that I don't like fashion shows or high fashion, but I like how creative, fashionable people interpret those fashions into their every day style. It's entirely more interesting to me. Less contrived. I don't think it's true about all designers, but fashion show styles seem like the designer is taking themselves so seriously. It's similar to the art world where if you don't "get" the work, you just aren't artsy enough.

Also, I like normal people fashion more than celebrity fashion. I think it is because famous people have to be fashionable whether they are naturally or not, or whether they want to be or not. Normal people who are fashionable do so because it's who they are. This must be why celebrities have stylists.

This is feeding my excessively long teeshirt/dress desires of late... (lookbook).

I don't really even like wine that much, but I am wishing someone would show up at my door with a bottle of wine, cheese, grapes and crackers and we would laugh about silly cultural things and traveling abroad and then for a few minutes we'd talk seriously about art/philosophy/theology, then one of us would go to the bathroom and the other would go to the fridge and get more wine/cheese/fruit and I wouldn't have to study for a Chemistry test or wake up in the morning to take a Chemistry test.
In addition to this, I wish I had a friend who liked style and putting together neat outfits like I do. Perhaps it's just because I live in style-vacuumtown, USA.

My hair needs to do something other than play the frizzy-and-angry-at-me game. Well, played, hair, we'll see who wins the next one...