A Book By It's Cover

I am one of those people. I judge a book by it's cover. I don't think I do this as much with people as I do with inanimate objects. Today I was browsing the liquor store (because I decided today that I was going to drink vodka crans tonight in my home... by myself), and I couldn't decide what vodka to get since I've never really had it very much and never bought it for myself. I decided the best way to chose was to pick the nicest looking bottle. I came home with Skyy vodka.

But anyway, yesterday night I was on Lookbook and was struck by how many delightfully well dressed young men were on there that particular night. I decided that I needed to showcase these dapper lads, because I really devote none of this blog to classy men. Here you go, for your viewing pleasure!

And I couldn't resist showing this outfit. It is my favorite favorite. She has my favorite color and my favorite white tee, and a wonderful bag, cute shoes... I am gushing. Go here to look at more lovely views of this outfit. The end.

Well, it turns out I am going to be less lame than sitting at home drinking by myself after all... Have a wonderful friday night, all!