You can call this a test pattern.

I have slowly been getting my house looking more home-esque. This is currently my "headboard." It will probably get a few more things to square it up and finish it.
Currently I smell like espresso. I probably just become an espresso by working at my job. I swear I get steamed milk in my hair from knocking the bubbles out, and I probably have a thin layer of coffee on every part of me. Oh well.
One exciting thing that happened this week was the finale of Project Runway. I was relatively underwhelmed the entire season by the designers. As the competition progressed, however, I fell in love with Leanne Marshall's style. I hope I am not ruining it for anyone, but she won! It was also kind of neat that she is from the pacific northwest, which typically isn't represented in the fashion realm. I kinda wish she hadn't won, because now it is certain that I will never be able to afford her incredible work. Ugh. Anyway, here is some of her work:

I will probably post more of her things on here later. She has an etsy account and I can't wait till I have the time to go back through her sold items and check them out. Also, her website has the cutest name: leanimal.

Moving on to other things. In my internet journeys I found pictures with dogs, so perhaps that's today's theme.

This one just makes me wish I had doggies to play with.

All these girls are on Lookbook. I like the last girl's style in general. All her looks are so delightful.

This I thought was interesting, from Givenchy's Fall 08 line. The necklaces remind me of a really intense version of the ones I've been making and some from Leviticus Jewelry.

Also exciting (but only for me really), I aced my cell bio final today.