Race the sun to Seattle

This weekend was fall break and so I drove to Seattle to visit good people. Here is a relatively chronologically accurate depiction of the time I had.

It was so lovely to not be here. As I drove back I just had a general feeling of mal-ease. There is a lot of not good happening here at home and the escape was well needed. I decided I was sick to death of I-90, and so I drove back on highway 20, which is absolutely beautiful. Interestingly it only took one tank of gas to get here...which is odd because it took like 3 hours longer. We went up to Mount Vernon and Bellingham one day and we drove back on Chuckanut Drive, gorgeous. I wish I could've been a passenger because I kept wanting to look around, but I would've killed all of us. I went to a halloween party and was a cat. I have no pictures but maybe someone will have some posted on facebook sometime and I will share.
I hope I don't have any mail. I lost my mailbox key in Seattle somewhere off my keyring.