Piano riffs and lovers tiffs

Jaunting about the internet today and landed on The Sartorialist. There were some lovely items I enjoyed:

I am a sucker for yellow and I crave yellow things. This was just delightful.

This white dress just looks so light and fresh. I like her shoes too, and her hair thing is something I've been doing since I ran across the feather things on pinup girl

I saw Heidi Montag wearing this Chloe vest on The Hills the other day (blogs are judgement free zones, remember?), and it spoke to my inner leopard print obsession. To my dismay (though it shouldn't have surprised me) it was $395.00. I just can't spend four hundred dollars on something that won't even cover half my body. Okay, I wouldn't spend four hundred dollars on a full length dress, or anything for that matter, but still. I was annoyed that Heidi Montag had it and not me. So it goes.

Here is my today stuff: I need to get better lighting in my house because the only place that has lighting is my kitchen. So that's why all my pictures are in the kitchen. I could be more adventurous and take pictures outside. I'm working on it.

Jeans: Wet Seal
White shirt: Fred Meyer (sidenote: pockets=best)
Shirt: Nordstrom Rack
Bare feets: Dems mine!

I took my senior pictures today. It was funny how they were such a big deal in highschool. Now it wouldn't even matter. I figured it would be good to have a picture of me in my senior college yearbook. Felt like one of those highschool picture days though. Why was it so hard to look good for picture day in highschool? I think I had one good picture. And I'm pretty sure it's not just me.

In other news, I'm going to a Kaylee Cole concert tonight. She is quite an incredible musician, however her manner between songs is rather annoying, but I think she makes up for it with her music. Anyway, check her out as I'm sure no one beyond the northwest has heard of her.
In other other news, I decided it would be funny if I started a facehunter type thing for Spokane. We are so fashionable!! That was sarcasm. Even better would be my home state of Alaska. Mmm, coats, jeans and boots. Maybe some cargo pants if you're feeling edgy!