Paint it Black

I got my Nylon magazine in the mail today, and it reminded me that I loved something from last issue and never got around to sharing it! So here is a belated photo from the 90210 photoshoot for September's Nylon:

I want gold jeans SO BAD now. I currently have a spray can of metallic gold paint and thrift jeans to see if I can work some magic into not having to track down and/or pay rediculous amounts of money for something the likes of which Shenae Grimes is flaunting here. I just realized that I loved the jeans so much that I ignored the rest of what she's wearing, which I happen to also love. I'm just not sure anything tops the jeans.

Here are some more Le Smoking photos. Mmmmm leopard pri-- oh sorry, I forgot what I was doing...

I just bought the cutest shirtdress and scarf off of Ruche, I would show you but hopefully (for surely) they will appear in outfits in the near future. The shirt was on sale, and so it brought together two of my favorite things in the world: clearance racks and the internet. For 90% of today my internet was on the fritz and I was pretty frizzazzled about the whole situation. Looks like we're on good terms once more.