I've made mistakes I can't erase.

Timed not, done with, groan ill, loud death. Tick's until.
Wait for, what’s next, betwixt, tocks gong, Fight’s fixed!
I’ve got, two fists, talk shit, mitts fit, Tied gag. Tolled tongue.
Cycles, dials, dizzy, miles, at least no one else can; cheat.
It’s up amongst a bunch of downs. It’s lost in itself (it backwards bounds!)
The clocks’ ticks talked. “Let’s fuck,” “the rules.” Caw call!
Empha, sis is, lost in, time and, they grew, fat and, greedy.

A poem by my good friend Daniel:
Last night I went out for one of my new friend's 21st birthday. It was pretty fun. We went to a few places downtown. I ended up walking back to the car in sock feet cuz it was so far away and heels can only be comfortable for so long. It was fun though, I'm glad I went.

Then, before that on Saturday night I went to a show at a coffee shop in town and they had incredible Art on the walls. I wish I could remember who the artist was because I feel bad not giving her credit. Anyway, this was my favorite painting there.

I found this picture on Lookbook the other day and it made me happy cuz it reminds me of my fur coat!And then I found this picture of Ashley Olsen that I tore out of a magazine like a year ago, I can't even remember what magazine it was. Anyway, I really loved the photoshoot she did for the magazine, this was a whimsical shot.

There is a juried art exhibit at this gallery (which is in a church/run by a church... I think) coming up in February and the theme is the 7 deadly sins. So you have to make art about the 7 deadly sins in some way: victory over them, failure, salvation, etc. I am trying to make some work to put in it, and I have been working outside of my typical aesthetic (somewhat), but I kind of like the stuff I've come up with so far.

Obviously I am dealing with the sin of lust in these works. My friend Kristi says they have a whimsical gothic tone to them. I kind of like that conflict between the whimsical and almost fun imagery, and the dark content. It unsettles me and I hope that it unsettles other viewers.