I N / R A I N B O_W S

Busy busy busy. I keep meaning to take pictures and put them up here, but then I get home and just want to pass out. Today is my weekend though, and I'm not going to do anything I don't want to. Empowerment!

The other day I was looking through stuff and found a scrapbook my mom made for me. It had lots of pictures of me as a youngster. It makes me excited for when I am a young new mother and can take pictures of my new child exploring the universe which is so large and new. For the mother, who has been in the world enough years to know it sufficiently to the point that it lacks that new exitement, the child is the one who is a whole new universe. I thought these pictures were quite artistic. Today I got a new coat! It is kind of funny to me, the concept of 'fashionable' coats. All my life I grew up with clothing (especially the kind to keep you warm) being relatively utilitarian. Boots were just snow boots, coats just winter jackets. You didn't really wear anything beyond jeans and a coat. All through highschool I'm pretty sure 70% of the time I was at school I had a coat on. Anyway, buying coats that are "fashionable" and neat is quite new and exciting to me. I guess this coat isn't that stylish, but it's better than a Northface coat or snowboarding jacket. I really want a cute peacoat/peacoatish type jacket. Thems is expensive, though. Maybe someday when it's colder and I feel it's worth spending the money.

Other exciting things: I did my laundry today!!! So much outfit potential! Hah! It was needed desperately.

I found this picture browsing through the New York Times art slideshows. It was an Advertisement for the oceanliner. I wish our ads these days were so beautiful.