Faust Arp

So, if you haven't seen It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, you need to. I rarely laugh hysterically out loud at television, but I laugh so hard at this show. Every. Time. Go to fancast.com, they have all the episodes online.
I have been working on doing artwork recently. Mostly just doodling in class, but I started etching a plate tonight and I hope to print the first layer tomorrow. It will feel good to print again. Aaaanyway. Moving on.

Found these lovelies on Lookbook. This girl looks just like my friend Cassie. So cute.
This is Cassie. She will probably be mad at me for putting a picture of her on here. But I like her and think she is adorable and a lovely soul.

I love the color of this girl's skirt. Well, I love her whole outfit, but that green is my favorite.And this is just... Fall.

Shirt: Goodwill
Jeans: Pacsun
Scarf: Ruche

Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Shirt: Ross
Boots: Minnetonka
Necklaces: Made em.