Etsy, Etc.

I finally got around to updating my Etsy account! There are now very many bows available for sale and a few jewelry items. I spent sickening amount of money on jewelry making things today. When the amount came up on the register I almost felt woozy. Hopefully I can make it all back on Etsy because I really shouldn't have spent that much. Eek. Aaanyway, ignore all that and check out my Etsy account and show it some love. Send your friends, loves, and families there!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Speaking of making things, I made the Deathproof necklace this evening. I'm not the biggest fan of the letters I found. I am going to continue looking for better, heavier ones, but I am pleased with the outcome regardless. Look!

Also, I got my shirtdress and scarf from Ruche today. I am stocking up on scarves because winter is so in the air. Also, because since I started wearing scarves and bandanas I have this dislike of having my neck bare. I am working on making more necklaces that I like so I will have more options than the scarf.

Also, I finally got around to wearing a pair of shoes I found at a thrift store the other day. I probably won't have long to wear them since snow is certainly nipping at my heels and has no regard for how cute those heels are shod.

Shirtdress: Ruche
Jeans: Wet Seal
Shoes: Thrift
Necklace: Made it