Blustery Day

Okay, well, for some reason I can't get the etsy thing to show up, but go there anyway!
*go here!*

I have set myself up on the living room floor surrounded by beads and chain and all kinds of delightful things. Hopefully it will mean productivity. I made another necklace today and I'm brainstorming new ones.

Here is the one I made today: You can get it on etsy if you like. I might make more once I pay off the stuff I bought yesterday. There is another one almost done, but there's something not quite right about it and I must resolve it.

Moving on. I found Pretty Racoon Clothing today whilst bouncing around. Some wonderful vintage and screenprinted things. I am sure to return in the near future. Well, there is much in my brain, but I should do some things today before it gets too late.