Sometimes your words just hypnotize me

Hey Folks. I have been lurking about the web quite a bit lately and have found some lovely things. Here they are!

These are from High on Life, and... I think my Winehouse/Leopard print obsession is showing again.

Lisa O from Lookbook.
These are all from Le Smoking. Yesterday I bought a pack of Marb Lights just for the sake of taking pictures looking like one of those horribly skinny, cracked out models who smoke all the time. I know, kind of silly, but I don't intend on starting smoking or even "really smoking" them, so don't get mad at me for being stupid for acquiring an addiction intentially, I'm not. Maybe I will just start making friends who want to bum a smoke off of me. I used to carry around a lighter for just that purpose.
For some loveliness, go look at Erica A.