New York Dolls

First things first, I am currently listening to the New York Dolls, and I think you should too. They are rockin', glam, outrageous and tacky in the most wonderful way. I don't think many people would like their style, both musically and visually, and it may be an acquired taste but give them a try. They are fun. Do it.
Anyway, moving on...
I have discovered
this flickr, which is way fun for eyeshadow ideas. I don't wear that much make-up, but as an artsy person it appeals to my sense of design and color. Not much going on today or yesterday, we went up to my cabin for the weekend but the weather turned out to be terrible and we came back. My mother and I are going shopping tomorrow because her wardrobe is severely lacking and she has a job interview next week!
On my list of things I want are:

  • Vintage Dresses

  • White heels

  • a headband

  • stuff to make jewelry with

Oh, have I mentioned yet that my mom gave me the most amazing fur jacket from when she was in college? It is the most amazing thing ever. It's rabbit fur and so tacky, and I adore it. Pictures soon. I secretly hope a cold day comes along so I can wear it. Some of you may be thinking, "It's August, when would there possibly be a cold day to wear a fur coat?" Ah, but you forget, I am currently located in the great land of the midnight sun and 50 degree summers! Bring on the fur coats...
The other day I found a gift card for Old Navy from years ago, so I decided to see if it worked. It did! So I bought some dress/tank thing online. I hope it is cool/fits.

I have so many pictures that I have acquired over the years just sitting in my "My Pictures" file on my computer. I don't know what to do with them and I don't want to delete them because they are cool things that I have liked. Here are a few of them:

First, one of my favorite photos by my dear friend Bradley Wakefield
I actually used the background of this for a painting I did for a live auction once.

Second, This wedding dress. My best friend sent me this and I saved it under the name "be her." The lace is beautiful and she is so lovely in it.
Third, psychedelic posters of the 60's and 70's. I love them. I have done a couple prints drawing from this inspiration. Perhaps I will post some later.
Fourth, Cody Hudson. His art is so wonderful, fun, and fresh. Check him out.
Finally, Radiohead. Any and all things Radiohead. They team up with Stanley Donwood to do most of their artwork, and it's always avant-garde and amazing. I'm not sure if this poster is by him or not, but I love it anyway. I wish Radiohead would come anywhere near where I live. Alas...
Well, that should probably be it, it's 3 AM and I should sleep at some point. More tomorrow! or.. later to day, as it is.