Hotcha Girls

Yesterday I got to go to my favorite store, Value Village! Also, I went to Michaels and got more barrettes to make bows. While I was there I found feather things which reminded me exactly of the Burlesque feather hair pieces I've been coveting from Pinup Girl Clothing! So I got three and I'm going to make them! I wore one today, jerry rigged cuz it's not on a clip or anything yet.I think I will add a flower to this one to make it more like the Pinup Girl one.

Today I went shopping for quite some time, mostly helping my mom get clothes for her job interview this week. It was pretty successful. I got a couple things too. My favorites were two very bright shirts from, once again, pacsun. I came home and put it on cuz it matched my bows, nails, and sunglasses! Matchy matchy, indeed, but very fun.

Shirt: Nollie
Jeans: Thrift
Sunglasses: Pacsun
Bows: Me!
Also, I'm still doing the pincurl bang thing. It is so very fun and easy.
Right now I am making banana bread! So domestic of me. I also bleached a chunk of my little brother's hair. It was my first time bleaching by myself. It looks good! Doing new things is fun.
My mom found this beautiful sterling silver and turquoise bracelet that she wore when she was young. She gave it to me! It's so lovely.
I have so many cool shoes that I haven't featured on here yet... maybe someday I will do a shoe post and share them in all their glory. For now, I have to get back to cooking banana bread and watching Rambo: First Blood.