Golden Years

I am listening to David Bowie.
I am in an extremely foul mood because tivo is stupid and didn't record the season finale for So You Think You Can Dance. Because of this I don't feel like doing anything too creative, so we will play the "what random things are in my 'My Pictures' file" game.


I am of the opinion that Seattle is overrated. Going to a school at which 90% of the students are from western washington, I get a lot of "Seattle is the best thing to happen to America since Democracy" kind of enthusiam. I'm wary of anywhere that you can spend 3 hours in traffic to get somewhere. And it rains all the time. I like rain, but I'm not half aquatic. Sigh. Maybe it's just the people who like seattle whom I dislike and Seattle gets unfairly jumbled in with that. Or not.

Smoking is dumb. I would do it if it didn't make you smell awful, make your teeth yellow, and make you die. Oh yeah, and if it weren't expensive and addicting.

Here is another photo from my friend Bradley Wakefield. It is one of my absolue favorites. I think he did this with 35 mm film in a Holga. Or maybe it was a Diana. I'm not sure.

Here are my favorite shoes of all time. My lovely Minnetonka Moccasins.

This was a day when there were only blue cars in my driveway. From closest to furthest: Mine, Neighbor's, roomie's, Love's, ex-roomie's. This picture delights me for some simple reason.