I find it intensely amusing that Anchorage is trying so hard to be fashionable (though I appreciate the effort) considering that it's about as fashion forward as Fargo, North Dakota. I'm not even sure that's fair to Fargo as I haven't spent much time there. Anyway, the "fashion district" in Anchorage is called SoNo, which means South of Nordstrom. When the classiest place you can mention in your town is Nordstrom, I find it amusing. Nothing against Nordstrom though, although I did wait 20 minutes today for someone to bring me out a pair of shoes to try on before I left out of frustration. I understand that it was crazy in there due to their Anniversary sale, but seriously. I guess it's a good thing because they were 88 something dollars and I probably don't need the shoes.
Who doesn't want lime green snakeskin pumps? I don't know, but I sure did. I guess the shoe guy took one look at my wallet and decided to do me a favor.

Anyway, I shopped with my mom in an effort to save her from the death grip that boring white tee's have on her fashion life. We went into Bebe (which is somewhat delightful because it's one place where I don't feel like I'm in Anchorage when I'm in there), and they had the COOLEST leather jacket. My mom thought it was cool too, and she can afford things like $260 leather jackets. So now I live in envy of her.

Well, regardless, my shopping experience was quite delightful, which is bizzare. Usually I go with a very specific item in mind and I get pissed off when I can't find it. Today I found everything I wanted and jeans that fit. Ultra bonus. Hopefully that means I won't have to get jeans for at least a year. Sigh.