Golden Years

Well, I am at work, enjoying the rainy weather and passing my time on the information superhighway, since I've had one customer in the hour and a half I've been working.

Today I am feeling rather "high maintenance" and it is quite awkward for me. Doing my hair up makes me feel like a fish out of water, I usually just let it do what it does and don't mess with it. I guess it is good to try new things though, right? I would take a picture, but I am at work. I will post some later.
As for pictures I can obtain, here are some pictures of the jeans and shirt I got the other day. I broke my cardinal rule and went into Pacsun. I find that anything I ever buy at pacsun I see on at least three other people within that week. Hopefully these purchases are nondescript enough that I won't have this problem. I have a weakness for flannel-y shirts, I couldn't resist. And new jeans are certainly in order, pretty much all of mine come from thrift stores so it's nice to have new store-bought ones occasionally.

I am slowly gaining a sort of style. I am rather behind the curve, as they say, considering I lived in sweatpants and oversized tees until 8th grade. At that point I pulled myself far enough out of my fashionless rut to wear jeans and slightly less baggy t-shirts. From then on I mostly wore little boy's teeshirts and some sort of flare-ish jean. So, yeah, I'm a little behind. I suppose that's what happens when you grow up in the fashion illiterate Anchorage, Alaska, but I wouldn't have chosen to grow up anywhere else in the world. I really don't mind being behind all that much, it just makes it that much more exciting when I actually wear something quasi-stylish!