Fun Stuff!

I found this on Audrey Kitching's myspace page the other day. I wish I had a car so cool. For a while now I've been dreaming of owning a super cheap junker that I could just do whatever to and not care if it looked bad. My current car is a dreamboat, It's just more high maintenance than the normal vehicle, and the other one I drive is my parents', so I feel a large obligation to keep it nice. I vow to someday own a car like this (hopefully in the near future since it could be off-putting to see a professional woman drive up in something like this.. assuming I ever become a professional woman.)

I hope heaven is where you get to live out all of your alternate lives. I think in an alternate life I would like to have pink hair and be more crazy than I am in this life. Not to say I don't like who I am, I love who I am and that's why I don't just go out and get pink hair. But I do think it would be a blast.
I would also like to be a ballerina and a really good piano player in my alternate lives.

I have been wanting some turquoise jewelery for quite some time now, actually around a year since I saw some at Yellowstone last summer.

I think it is very beautiful and natural. Earthy. It's also always set in silver, or some metal like silver, which I love. I can't stand yellow gold most of the time. I found these at Novica.

Unfortunately, both my ring and bracelet sizes are rediculously small. I think my ring size is like 4.25 or some outrageous size. I wear all my rings on my middle fingers because it's the biggest finger on my hand. Nevertheless, someday I will have my turquoise.

"Earth's the right place for love: I don't know
where it's likely to go better."
-Robert Frost