Full Metal Jacket

Today I opted out of doing anything too strenuous as far as my clothing choices. A good ol' t-shirt sufficed, nothing mind-blowing. I convinced myself that my new hat counts as the hat I'm supposed to wear at work. And I continued my braiding regimen. Plus: trusty bandana.Jeans: Thrift
Shirt: Boys Hanes Tee, Fred Meyer

Hat: Nordstrom
I decided that today I was going to do a doll-like make-up, very young and innocent. I only very recently even started wearing make-up, so it's kind of fun to explore the different looks I can get.

My last post explained my desire to own turquoise jewelery, so the best I could do today were these bracelets which were turquoise in color. I got them from my foray into Pacsun the other day. They were cheap and colorful.