Beautiful Disaster

Well, I couldn't get a decent picture of what I wore today, but I have some pictures of my hair and accessories.

First: My trusty tooled leather purse that I found at the wonderful Drop Your Drawers secondhand store in Spokane Valley. I love it and will use it till it falls apart (soon).

Second: My brand new yellow sunglasses! I got them at Nordstrom. I will have it be known that I love sunglasses. It is a replacement fetish since it's nearly impossible for me to have any sort of shoe fetish due to my size 4.5 feet. Plus, it's less expensive than a shoe fetish. Someone told me the other day that they look straight out of the eighties, which is to my liking.
Third: My hair style today, yes, the high maintenance one. I guess it's not that high maintenance, but it's a lot more "done" than I usually have it. I told myself to braid my hair more, so this was the result.
Finally, and by all means not least: My lovely anchor necklace, purchased by my love at an antique store. He is in the Navy and so I like having it on as a reminder. Plus I love anchors... and I'm from (slash, live currently in) Anchorage. Regardless, I love it.
Tomorrow will be a much more "me" day. I am thinking a t-shirt will suffice. Being too done up exhausts me. Maybe I will do it more and build up a tolerance, however, I fear it is simply not me. Oh well.

I must say, I am excited for fall. Being cozy is so wonderful and I find that it's nearly impossible in the summer. Perhaps it's just that growing up in Alaska made me better at dressing for cold than for hot. Either way, at the moment, I am excited for cool, rainy days. And riding bikes.

"The Earth laughs in flowers"
-e.e. cummings