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Kickstart Your Blog E-Course


I'm so excited to bring you guys this e-course! I've worked super hard to put as much practical information into this e-course and hopefully you'll learn a ton! I can't wait for you to dive in!

This course is packed full of the knowledge that I've learned over the last seven years of blogging. I get tons of emails asking for photography tips, how to gain followers, how to deal with sponsors, and more. So this e-course will answer those questions and more!

There are several sessions included in each focus (Blogging 101, Photography, Design, etc), which you can browse through at your leisure. If you'd like to jump around, feel free! You can find links to each group of sessions in the left sidebar! There's also some bonus material posted throughout the course, so keep an eye out for those goodies!

Here's a rundown of what's covered in Refresh!

Blogging 101: 



What kind of blogger are you?

Writing your "about" page

Ethics + etiquette 

Dealing with mean comments

Lessons learned

10 thing not to do

Privacy + blogging



How to take your own outfit photos

Tell a Story

Editing your outfit photos

Setting a Mood

Using Actions to Edit Photos

Blogging Photography Basics

Video blogging


Blog Design: 

Design is imperative

Do It Yourself

DIY or Hire a Designer?

Adding Theme




Uploading photos

Adding sponsor spots & buttons

Upload a template to your blog

Adding Google Analytics

HTML tags to know




Online communities

Twitter + Facebook





Is it right for you?

Why have sponsors?

How to figure out your stats

How to work with sponsors

Passionfruit Ads


50 Ideas for blog posts

How to stay motivated

Appreciate your readers

Organization and scheduling

Helpful Tips for Self Portraits

Create a working environment


Check out what others have said about Kickstart Your Blog!

Thanks so much for this inspiring e-course!!  Enjoying it and learning so much- working on implementing several of your tips!  Sometimes it's easy to feel so overwhelmed out here in blogland, but listening to your unique voice has been empowering. 

- Love Fox Vintage

So glad to have signed up for this! I learned so much more than what I would have figured out on my own. Thank you!

- Kaye

I have been meaning to get started on my blog but my hectic tax season hasn't allowed me to do so. I am really glad I got this course and got to know all the info I could possibly need to get started ..THANK YOU so much!

This was really worth it!

- Reetika

I agree with everyone. This was awesome! There was so much information to absorb. I'm hoping that I will have more time to look at all of it. Thanks again!

- Carrie

This course was perfect and i still find myself coming back to it for reference.

I'm buying a DSLR this week and can't wait to put all the great photography tips into action!

- Grace

I've really gotten into my own blog lately, though I have been reading personal style blogs for years. I learned so much about blogging. Thank you for all the hard work, it was so wonderful!

- Brittany

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