DIY Triangle Hanging Shelves

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelves

I knew I wanted more plants in my bedroom, but with not a lot of floor space, I'd have to get creative with how I was going to incorporate them.  I already had a board that I'd bought months ago to make a different shelf that I never got around to making so all I had to do was buy some cord and whip these up!  They probably only took 10- 15 minutes to put together, so they're a quick and easy way to add some great shelving to any room!


1x8 common board
Rope or Cord
Screw with anchor (anchor optional)

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelves

/ STEP 01

Take your 1x8 board and chop it into the lengths you want your shelves to be.  I made mine 26 inches.  I used a skillsaw to cut mine but if powertools freak you out or you don't have access you can have them cut the board for you at most hardware stores!  Or just use a regular saw!

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelf

/ STEP 02

Use a drill to make 4 holes at the corners where your rope/cord will go through.  How big your holes are will depend on how thick your rope is, but I used a 1/4in bit for mine. Make sure you don't make the holes bigger than your knot will be, otherwise it will slip through when weight is put on the shelf. 

DIY triangle hanging shelf

/ STEP 03

Take your first rope (cut to 57 inches long) and push the ends through the front two holes.  If the rope is frayed you may have to singe the rope ends to make it easier to push through the holes. Tie a knot at the ends of the ropes after you've pushed them through.

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelf

/ STEP 04

Once you've done the front rope, repeat the same process with the back rope. Cut the back rope to 55 inches (the back rope is slightly shorter because it's flush to the wall, whereas the front one has to angle back to the wall).

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelf

/ STEP 05

Screw a hole in your wall where you want to hang your shelf!  I used an anchor to help secure my shelf because I knew I'd be putting plants on in and didn't want the weight to be an issue.  If you aren't putting anything heavy you might be able to get away with a nail, but I'd recommend a screw. Voila, you're done!

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelves

Keto Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Keto Cookies + Cream Ice Cream-9.jpg

Dan and I have been attempting Keto since last summer.  Well, I should say Dan has been pretty successfully doing Keto, and I have been... not.  But I finally feel like I have mental and physical energy to focus on my own health and am diving back in!  For those who have no clue what Keto is, the readers digest version is: Your body runs on glucose and ketone bodies, but will default to glucose when it's present.  Ketone bodies are created from fats, so if you reduce the glucose you consume and increase the healthy fat, your body switches to running off of fat.  So real basic: eat fat = burn fat.  When your body is running on ketones, it's said to be in "Ketosis" hence: Keto.  Anyway, in such a carbohydrate and sugar heavy culture it can be hard to switch to a high fat/low carb diet, so something like Keto ice cream can help not feel sad about the carbohydrates I'm craving.

I was skeptical that this would be actually as tasty as normal ice cream because usually substitute foods are like a sad version of the original, but this stuff is actually amazing.  I was pretty excited to make ice cream because it was the first time I used my ice cream bowl and mixer for my Kitchenaid mixer!  If you have a Kitchenaid, you can find the ice cream attachment here

Keto Cookies + Cream Ice Cream

makes 10 servings (recipe via


3/4 cup almond flour
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/4 tsp. baking soda
1/4 cup erythritol (I used Swerve)
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 1/2 Tbsp. softened coconut oil
1 egg, room temperature
Pinch of salt


1/ Preheat your oven to 300°F. Take a 9 inch circular cake pan (or similar sized pan), and grease with oil, or line with parchment paper.

2/ Into a medium bowl, sift your almond flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, erythritol, and salt then whisk until there are no lumps.

3/ Add the vanilla extract and coconut oil to the bowl and mix until batter forms into crumbs.

4/ Add the egg and mix everything together until the cookie batter begins to stick together.

5/ Dump the batter into your prepared pan and press the batter down with your fingers until it evenly covers the bottom of the pan.

6/ Pop it in the oven and bake for 20 minutes or until the center of cookie bounces back when it's pressed.

7/ Once it's done, take the pan out of the oven and let it cool.

8/ Now that the cookie has cooled, crumble the cookie into small bits. Set aside.


2 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup erythritol
1/2 cup almond milk, unsweetened



1/ In a large bowl, blend the whipping cream with a Kitchenaid or electric mixer until stiff peaks form.

2/ Add vanilla extract and erythritol, and whip until thoroughly combined.

3/ Pour in the almond milk and blend mixture until it re-thickens.

4/ Transfer cream mixture to ice cream maker bowl and churn until ice cream begins to hold its shape. If you're using the kitchenaid mixer, make sure you only use the churning attachment on the "stir" speed.  Churn for about 20 minutes.

5/ Once you've been churning for 20 minutes or so, gradually pour the cookie crumbles in while the ice cream maker is churning to evenly mix the crumbles into the ice cream. Churn for 5-10 more minutes, until the cookie crumbles are mixed throughout.

6/ Once all of the cookie crumbles are incorporated, transfer the ice cream into a freezer-safe container.  You can serve the ice cream right away if you want a softer texture, or if you want it harder, put it in the freezer for an hour or two. Mine gets too hard in my freezer, so I have to take it out and put it in the fridge for a bit to let it soften up. 

Makes 10 servings. Each serving comes out to be 289.9 Calories, 28.9g Fats, 3g Net Carbs, and 4.6g Protein.


My Mother's Day 2018 Gift Guide

liz & jack-0034.jpg

Commercialized Mother's Day gifts feel so impersonal and out of touch with what real moms want and need.  Not that I don't like flowers and little goodies, and growing up I don't think I thought much in depth about a Mother's Day gift.  But I think if we're going to have a holidays celebrating moms, lets give moms something they really need.  And obviously for every mom that's going to be different, especially depending on her love language and personal interests.  

For me, my love language is quality time, and I've realized that as a mom you get tons of quality time with your kid(s), not as much quality time with your partner, and almost no quality time with your self. This gift guide doesn't really have a theme other than "things I as a mom truly love or crave."  So it might be relatively specific, but I figure there are probably moms out there like me, so you might enjoy this little list too!

A get-away OR a staycation

I crave an escape to the desert at least once a month.  But being able to hang out in a relaxing home-- ALONE --in the warm sun, getting to sleep in, not have to give my kid any of the food I'm eating, and lounge around all day with no one bugging me?  Sounds magical. On the flip side, being able to be in my own home for a long weekend so I can accomplish projects around the house that feel impossible to do when a toddler is following me around or napping also sounds magical.  I think the key here is: time sans child(ren).   Just time to fill our own tanks without the distraction or obligation of caring for anyone else.

Plants that don't die in a week

  image via  wearetriibe

image via wearetriibe

Flowers are nice and all, but in a few short days, they start to wilt and eventually all those pretty blooms will have dropped their petals and died.  I don't know about you, but I adore have living plants in my space and have accumulated a small urban jungle-- but I always want more.  I would prefer to get a snake plant, monstera, or some other beautiful greenery that will fill my home with life for years to come!

Professional Hair Cut/Color

  image via  jessfxstyle

image via jessfxstyle

I would love to sit in a salon chair and have a hair magician take my locks to the color I've been dying to try for years.  I haven't had my hair colored since before I had our son, and while I'm not a salon junkie and I prefer low-maintenance hair, it feels so luxurious and caring to have someone refresh your hair.  I'm usually too cheap to splurge on a salon, so it would be a lovely treat to be able to hit the salon and get a fresh look.

Gift Card to a Shop I Love

  image via  satori

image via satori

This one gets me two things: time alone to walk around said store and enjoy the ambiance of a store I like (ya'll even Target will do, my ambiance threshold is loooow), and then things that I want to buy.  I know people like to give gifts that they find meaningful, but it can feel really nice to just get something that you know you'll love because YOU picked it out.  A gift card to an online shop is nice, but now that I'm a mom I kind of like the idea of getting to get out of the house by myself, wander around the store and touch things.  Ideas? World Market, Target, Home Goods, Satori, Moorea Seal, Ikea  (These are just stores that I like shopping at that have local shops where I can go walk around).

I know Mother's Day is coming up quickly, but pretty much all of these gifts can be procured last minute (probably minus a vacay). And throwing in a nice note of appreciation can go a long way too.  Oh and a mimosa.  Happy Mother's Day!

photos of me + jack by sons and daughters photography

Strawberry Mango Lemonade Popsicles

Strawberry Mango Lemonade Popsicles.jpg

I got these popsicle molds a few years ago and have rarely used them but this time of year when the days get hotter, I get really excited about making homemade popsicles and ice cream.  I like the idea of homemade popsicles and being able to keep the amount of sugar in them pretty low.  With there being lemonade in these ones they are pretty sweet but not overly sweet.

Jack is teething with some new molars right now so I wanted to make something icey that he could chew on and he really likes these.  I'll probably try to make some other ones that are less sugary for him instead, but the texture is perfect for him to chew!  Maybe this summer will be the summer of the popsicle!

Ingredients (makes 6 popsicles):
2 Cups Mango Lemonade
3 Strawberries
1/2 Banana
1/2 Cup Strawberry Banana Coconutmilk Yogurt

In a blender, blend everything together and then pour into your popsicle molds and insert the top with the sticks. Put them in the freezer and wait!  I usually wait overnight but I'm sure a few hours would do the trick.  Enjoy your summer frozen treat!

More Brunch!

high waisted wide legged jeans

Another day, another brunch!  This time we went down to the Downtown Tacoma Market at the old post office building and grabbed brunch at En Rama!  They don't usually do brunch, even on weekends, but every time there's a downtown market, they do brunch!  Luckily this time it fell on my friend Amy's birthday weekend so we got to head down for a special birthday brunch for her!

I love En Rama, and their drinks are amazing but the food is pricey and you don't get a lot of quantity.  Which is why typically I don't eat there, simply because even though it tastes seriously incredible, I just want to go eat an entire meal after having just eaten.  Which miiiight be what we ended up doing (tacos tho.  So, it was like... lunch, so a totally different meal. clearly). Anyway, my advice: don't miss En Rama.  But maybe eat first at home... and make sure you have a DD cuz the drinks are stiff (and amazing).

Brunch at Honey

Denim Dress Outfit

One of our favorite things to do before we had Jack was to go out for coffee or brunch in the morning.  Nowadays our mornings are usually filled with feeding Jack breakfast, and Dan is at work, so most dates end up being evening dates, but today we got to go out in the morning to grab brunch at one of my new favorite Tacoma spots, Honey.  Honey is part of a larger creative space, Alma Mater, which has an amazing venue space, artist studio space, recording studio, and a really cool outdoor space, all located in an old Carpenters Union building in downtown Tacoma. I'm thrilled that someone finally created a place like this for Tacoma and I can't wait to see it thrive!  

I've been to Honey at Alma Mater a couple times before, but just for coffee and pastries, this was my first time grabbing "real" food there and daaaang was it good.  If you're in the area, be sure to stop in and check it out, it's definitely on my rotation of favorite Tacoma haunts now!

Shop The Look

Getting Inspired Around Town

When we moved back to Tacoma in October I was surprised to discover the MOST stunning new interior decor store had popped up in my absence, TREE!  On top of having the most incredible pieces, their stuff is sustainable and eco-friendly, and their flagship store in downtown Tacoma is in the most incredible building I've ever seen.  It's filled with new and reclaimed pieces, beautiful natural tones, the highest ceilings of all time, and the most enormous plants.  Like these plants wouldn't fit in my house even if I tried.  

I was recently able to head up to Bellevue to attend their launch party for their Bellevue store and it was so fun. It took me back to the blogger meet-up and conference days, back when I was a fashion blogger, schmoozing and meeting people you've only known online.  Plus Herban Feast treated us to a delicious spread, and I got to chat with Nicole, TREE's founder who has, wonderfully, made Tacoma her chosen home.  I can't wait to incorporate some of TREE's pieces into my own home and future projects!

Another spot here in Tacoma that is my go-to when I need both inspiration and items for projects is Earthwise Salvage.  Way back in the day during college I was introduced to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore which totally blew my mind.  At the time I was an art student so my interest in the ReStore was getting doors, cabinet doors, and other pieces to use as cheap canvases for my larger paintings and art pieces.  Earthwise is in a similar vein in that everything is reclaimed and salvaged, but I just love the unique and interesting selection they have.  I've gotten a few pieces from Earthwise so far that are for projects in the works and I can't wait to share the finished product once those are complete!

Two shops with a similar, reclaimed/eco-friendly/sustainable focus but in totally different venues.  I love both and am thrilled that we've got such awesome spots in Tacoma to feed my decor and DIY project obsessions!

Living Room Finishing Touches

Having a toddler in your house makes it remarkably difficult to complete home projects, go figure. I was able to get my banana leaf wallpaper up during one nap, miraculously, but other than that, things have been slow going.  That being said, I'm pretty excited about how things are coming along, slow as they may be.  I've been able to thrift and craigslist some really awesome pieces, so I'm pretty much set on furniture, and now it's just more of the finishing-touches type things that I need to bring the room to where I'd like it to be.  I don't have a huge wishlist of things, but these few pieces would really tie the room together, as the dude would say.

Living room inspiration

style inspiration for 2018

My style these days is 90% picking worn clothes up off the floor and putting on whatever is there so I can go out in public not wearing a fuzzy robe and PJs, 10% putting together an outfit with any creativity involved.  Lately, though, I've been pretty inspired by uniforms and work-wear so I think, if you can call it style inspiration, that is gonna be my 2018 style vibes.  I love the idea of having a sort of "uniform" that I can riff off of and have somewhat of a capsule wardrobe so that everything works well with everything else.  

1. coveralls + overalls


2. Lieutenant Caps


3. Work Boots


4. Stiff Brimmed Felt Hats




Bohemian Bathroom Details


I've been tweaking our bathroom a bit here and there and I've been loving the little details.  I took out our ugly old medicine cabinet mirror and replaced it with this circular mirror.  It doesn't quite cover the hole from the original medicine cabinet so I need to do some patching (as you can see in the last photo), but I love how much bigger and more open it makes the space feel. I also have had the little moon hook and dip dye macrame plant holder for years and have never found the right spot for them, and this little corner in the bathroom feels like the perfect nook!

A Peek at Jack's Room


I still have some things to do to finish up Jack's new attic room, but here's a little sneak peek!

Exploring Tacoma with Modcloth


Being back in Tacoma has been wonderful.  Getting to hang out at my old haunts (ok well, rarely. The child in tow makes "hanging out" a little more complicated these days), go on lady dates with my gals, and sometimes I don't even mind the rain.  Ok that's a lie, I still hate the rain most days.  I partnered up with Modcloth to share some of my favorite spots in Tacoma, so you can jump on over to their blog and check out my reccs!

photos by Amelia Vaughn Photography

Slow Sundays


It's that time of year when being outside means being pelted with rain, so I'm hiding indoors today instead.  These days I don't often find myself wearing a cute outfit, I usually just wear whatever I slept in until I decide to leave the house and then I just throw on some jeans and a top and call it good because I'm just going to cover it all up in a coat.  Oh, and a hat is absolutely necessary on 99% of days because my hair lately is just the worst.  Hence the messy braid AND the hat displayed here.  

With the exception of the shoes, this whole outfit was thrifted.  Most was thrifted this summer while I was living in the Portland area (the cardigan I got many years ago at Goodwill and is a staple in my closet).  At the time I was feeling super motivated to give my personal style more attention, aaaand then we moved and life got crazy and getting dressed became the last thing on my list to be given more than a passing thought.  Blows my mind that I used to do outfit photos every. single. day.  Girl had so much more time on her hands.  I'd kill for that time now that I'm a mom.

Anyway, Sundays are kind of a reset day for us here.  I've been trying to keep up a routine of deep cleaning one room in the house, watering all my plants, and grooming Dusty every Sunday.  If I don't, then those things just get forever pushed to the bottom of my to-do list and then all my plants will be hanging on for dear life, our house is a shit-hole, and Dusty's nails are way too long.  So, boring but necessary, and at least today Dan made blueberry pancakes for brunch so I'm running on carbs and butter rn.

What I Wore: Anniversary Outing

Today I wore a similar outfit to this one and it reminded me that I never posted these quick snaps from our anniversary outing in Portland!  We had a great time in Portland, eating and exploring.  In the morning we sought out brunch, which is easy in Portland, and we ended up at The Hazel Room, which is delicious (and also served us the largest glasses of champagne we've ever had).  Alter, which is the wonderfully witchy shop next door was a great spot to browse as we waited for our table (but also a little painful because I wanted ev.ery.thing.) 

After brunch, we hopped next door to House of Vintage which was super incredible.  I found the most amazing hand embroidered duster dress.  We stayed at the Ace Hotel Portland, and that afternoon after checking in, we wandered around downtown, popping into shops and then eventually catching Clyde Commons for happy hour drinks and fries.  After that we grabbed and uber and headed to Church, then our favorite Portland spot: Hale Pele.  From there we went to a cozy little speakeasy called Bible Club (so cool!)

The next morning we brunched yet again, this time at The Country Cat!  I didn't take any photos of our Portland adventures, opting to enjoy the moments in real time, but Dan did snap these few pics of my outfit, which I felt cute wearing.

Banana Leaf Photowall Wallpaper


My banana leaf wallpaper dreams have finally come true!  Earlier this year I became obsessed with banana leaf wallpaper and was trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my life. When we moved back into our house I was unenthused with my old hexagon mural accent wall in our living room, and after photoshopping a banana leaf motif on to the wall instead, I was sold.  

A couple months later, Photowall contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in partnering up and doing one of my walls in their wallpaper, and when I realized that they had the perfect banana leaf pattern I was even more thrilled to partner up!  

I've never done "real" wallpaper before, that is the glued-on kind.  All the wallpaper walls I've done so far have been the removable stick-on kind, which is an amazing option for someone who rents or just doesn't want to commit to gluing wallpaper on.  So this was my first foray into grown-up wallpaper, if you will.  This isn't a huge wall, but I was able to get all my panels up in just about an hour and change, which was perfect since I was able to get it done while my son napped.  

I also ended up repainting the door in the middle of the wall because I liked the bright flamingo pink next to the wallpaper better than the yellow that it used to be.

I'm pretty excited about wallpaper's triumphant return to the hallowed halls of interior design current trends. If you're loving wallpaper and have your eye on one of Photowall's patterns (or want to make some wallpaper or a mural out of your own photo or design, you can also use Photowall to upload your own image!), I've got a 20% off discount code for you guys, which is good for the next 30 days!  Just input the code below at checkout!


Living Room Before + After

eclectic living room.jpg

As I'm working on setting up our living room this time around, I'm looking back at the different ways I've arranged it in the past to get inspiration.  This arrangement is pretty close to what I'm thinking of riffing on.  Since our front door opens right into our living room I like how the back of the couch creates a more defined "entryway" space.  This time around I'd like to get a sectional that does that same thing, so I can have that space definition, but also have a cozy living room with a couch that wraps around.  

The before pictures were what the house looked like when the previous owners had staged the living room.  I painted all the walls and trim white, except the big wall I ended up doing in a black chalkboard finish.  I love how a chalkboard wall adds a ton of drama, but the chalk treatment gives it texture and lightens it up a bit.


One thing I learned a while back was that hanging your curtains from ceiling height, versus window height, will make your room feel taller, and since this space isn't terribly large, I wanted to do everything I could to make it feel more spacious.


I love a colorful door, so I painted the inside of our front door a fresh teal blue.  And I painted the neighboring french door that leads to our office space a bright yellow! If you want to paint a door, don't bother grabbing a full quart of paint, just get one of the paint tester size containers.  You'll have more than enough to paint a full door or two!

I painted this hexagon mural wall a couple years ago and while it was fun at the time, I kind of hate it now and am looking forward to reimagining this wall.  I've got a few ideas mulling around in my head that will add functionality to a part of the room that isn't used super well currently.


I'm really looking forward to reimagining this space again and sharing the re-styled room with you guys when I get her finished!

Kitchen Remodel Plans!

kitchen remodel mockup

The Anchorage apartment kitchen remodel just got me even more excited about refreshing our current kitchen.  I've spent many a restless night remodeling this kitchen in my head. Ideally we'd open up the wall between our kitchen and living room to give things a bit more of an open concept feel, but we don't really feel like spending a ton of money on doing a big fancy remodel on this house's kitchen.  She's a small, modest house and dumping a ton of money into a kitchen remodel isn't' going to increase our resale value enough to offset the cost of actually doing it, so we're going to keep thing simple, i.e. not knock any walls down.

This kitchen was new-ish when we bought the house. Our best guess is that someone bought the house to flip, or was trying to renovate it and ran out of money.  The inside had new paint, refinished hardwoods, and the kitchen was new, but the exterior was horrendous (like, my insurance company refused to insure the house because of it horrendous).  So it's a quasi-cheap flip kitchen.  The surfaces are all nice enough, but with a few tweaks here and there, this kitchen could be a fresh and modern space.

The plan:

  • Take down the upper cabinets on the sink wall and replace with open shelving. Honestly, most of our upper cabinet space is just wasted space.  I'm too short to even reach 70% of the shelves, and we've got a built-in around the corner that can house the stuff that lives in them now. 
  • Paint her white.  I do love me some chartreuse, and having a bright colorful kitchen was nice, but I feel ready for a clean slate.  I'm sure some pops of bright color will find their way into my styling, but for this new look (and for resale, I hear chartreuse kitchens aren't most buyer's fave), white is gonna do the trick.
  • Tile that backsplash.  Goodbye nasty, weird, brown Formica backsplash.  I want to do square tile instead of the usual subway tile to give a little bit of a new take on a pretty played out (though still gorgeous) look. I'm sure white subway tile stock won't be dropping for some time, but I'm excited to try something a little different. For a bit of texture, I'm going to do dark grout instead of white.
  • Walnut butcher block counters. The counters are the same brown-ish Formica as the backsplash, and I'm so SO excited to get rid of them and replace them with beautiful wood counters.  I love a butcher block countertop.
  • Paint the old cabinets and give them some modern hardware. The remaining uppers on the stove wall will be painted white, and the bottom cabinets will be a dark charcoal.  None of the cabinets currently have any knobs or pulls (which is actually super annoying, but also great for keeping your baby from opening them), so I'd like to install some in a brass finish to add contrast.
  • We also might get a new sink, but that's not a must-have, but if we do, it'll probably be a white ceramic sink, second hand from a local building material re-store.

Hopefully everything will go smoothly, but this process will likely take a while, since I'll be trying to get this done with a toddler (do you start calling them toddlers when they start... toddling?  Cuz Jack is only 10 months but he's toddling like crazy, soooo baby? toddler? I digress). I think the first thing I'll start with will be painting the bottom cabinets because I don't have to do any demo to get that done. Wish me luck!  I'll keep you guys updated.

kitchen remodel before.jpg

Our Apartment Kitchen Remodel


I'm gonna tell you guys something a little heartbreaking, right out of the gate.  This kitchen is now completely demolished.  We finished this remodel in June and by August,  this apartment was totally gutted by the new owners.  Moment of silence.  Okay, now lets get to it.

This apartment was above the garage of the house I grew up in, so I've been familiar with the space for many years.  It's seen a few small remodels, mostly paint, and a few years ago my parents put in new vinyl wood flooring.  Nothing about it was super special.  The cabinets were cheap, the countertop was dingy off-white formica, and the sink was designed with a sloped bottom so any time you set a glass in there it tipped over.  

We didn't want to spend a lot of money, so we didn't want to gut it and have to install new cabinets, counters, and fixtures.  We saved lots of money by DIYing a few things.

Kitchen Before 2.jpg
Kitchen Before.jpg

The biggest DIY was the countertop. We wanted something fresh and clean, but doing real Carerra marble was way too spendy for this space, so I decided to paint the countertop with a faux marble instead.  You can peep that DIY here.  I will say that it's a good way to get the look, but it wasn't the most durable.  It definitely would stain if you left anything like coffee or wine on the counter for too long, and if you scratched it too hard, it'd scratch the paint off.  If you're wanting something to hold you over while you save money for the real deal, it's great for that, but I'm not sure it's the best for a long-term solution, especially if you do a lot of cooking and like coffee and wine *raises hand*.

We ended up keeping the lower cabinets and painting them grey, and then we replaced the uppers with Ikea cabinets.  That ended up being more expensive than for those of you near an Ikea because they had to be shipped to Alaska.  The open shelving was DIY.  My dad went to a lumber yard and bought a 20ft plank that had an unfinished edge.  He chopped it into the three pieces for the shelves and installed it.  We also DIYed the subway tile backsplash.  I had never done tile before but I was excited about how straightforward it was.  I'm looking forward to doing more tile work!  

The other super easy, dirt cheap DIY was the fridge.  It was an ugly old ivory fridge, and I just covered it with marble contact paper and gold tape.  It's a pretty durable and quick way to freshen up a fridge without having to drop hundreds of dollars on a new, fancy one.  I've put contact paper on every fridge I've ever had (faux wood contact paper on one, chalkboard contact paper on another, and marble on this one!).  I love how it gives an eclectic and unique look to an appliance that's usually boring.

We also painted the room white, and I popped a chalkboard wall in there on the right side (though I never actually put any chalk on it, so it's just a black wall).  

There were definitely things about this space that I would've done differently, had the situation been different.  Knowing that it got destroyed shortly after we finished it makes it easier to feel okay about not doing it 100% the way I really wanted to.  We are planning our current kitchen remodel and I'm excited to be able to do it exactly how I want (and also not have to pay out the ass to ship things from Ikea).

If you have any questions about this remodel, hit me up in the comments! 

How to cut your own bangs


Bangs.  We love em.  Then we immediately hate them.  But then maybe we love them again.  No, we hate them.  Let's be real, bangs are a commitment.  A serious one.  The grow out period can be a huge pain in the ass if you decide you hate them.  But if you're ready to take the plunge and are willing to go against the advice of, well, almost every one out there, I'm here to empower you.  Are you ready to cut your own bangs?  Hell yeah you are.  Now let's break the rules and DIY that ish.

Obviously this comes with a warning, which is: not many people will advise you to cut your own bangs.  I've been cutting my own hair and my own bangs for many years, so while I'm no licensed hairstylist, I feel super comfortable wielding a pair of scissors near my hair.  I also have curly hair, which is rather forgiving in the haircut department.  My methodology of hair cutting has always been one that is for big, curly hair, so it may or may not work for you if you have a different hair texture.  That being said, I feel like my way of cutting bangs could definitely work for hair that isn't my same texture, but, you know, use your best judgment. 

Here's how I cut my bangs:

1. Separate the section of hair you want to cut into bangs.  I typically do a triangle shaped section with the point near my crown.  This will determine how thick your bangs are, so the bigger chunk of hair you grab, the thicker your bangs will be.  You also may want to take into consideration how thick your hair is, since the hair you take away to be bangs will no longer contribute to your hair's overall thickness. Once you have your bangs section separated, tie back the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way.

2. Flat iron your sectioned hair.  This may not be 100% necessary for some of you, but since I have curly hair, it is.  Most hair stylists will cut hair (and bangs) wet, but since my hair is curly and poofy, I prefer to cut my hair with it's poof and texture intact so I know how things will look.  When my hair is wet, it's way more limp and longer than it is when it's dry, so if I cut it limp and long, it gets shorter and poofier when it's dry and the cut doesn't look anything like it did when it was wet.  I never cut my hair wet, so this is just a personal preference.  

3.  Rough in the shape you want.  I typically do bangs that are on the long side and are tapered longer on either side.  Since I have curly hair I sometimes will wear my bangs with their natural curl and they appear much shorter when they're all crimped up in their natural curl.  Keeping my bangs as long as I can handle helps me style them curly (without them looking like I have a tiny 'fro on my forehead).  When roughing in the shape, leave the hair longer than you want it to be when you're done. You just want to get the general shape, then we can go back and perfect the shape.  Remember, you can always cut shorter, but you can't cut longer.  Always err on the long side, if you live in your bangs for a few days and decide you need them to be shorter, you can always go in and give them a little trim.

4. Make sure that both sides are the same length and hit your face at the same spot.  Then, from the middle, you can use your fingers to pull the hair down and match lengths as you trim down towards the longer sides (if you're doing a tapered bang like mine. If not, just use your fingers to pull the hair down and match the lengths of each piece you cut to the piece that you previously cut).

5. Instead of cutting perpendicular to the hair, cut at a slight upward angle.  Unless you're looking for a super blunt looking bang, a la Sia.  It'll be a little slower going because you're cutting fewer hairs per snip, but you'll get a much better, more natural looking cut than if you just go straight at it.

6. If you need to, you can go back in with the flat iron to give your bangs the shape/curve you want them to have to help you finalize your cut as you snip in your final shape.

7. Again, I'll advise you to cut them slightly longer than you might want, and then live in them for a day or two.  Unlike going to a salon, you don't have to have your bangs absolutely perfect when you're done.  Since you're the one cutting them, you can go back in at any time to edit them.  I cut mine a little long and I've been living in them for about a week and I feel like I probably need to cut a few millimeters off so they're perfectly out of my eyes.

Fringe upkeep is just a matter of repeating that final trim process when your bangs get too long! And make sure you have a decent pair of scissors.  Of course, this is coming from a girl who used to cut her own hair with paper crafting scissors back in college.  You can grab a nice pair of scissors from a beauty supply store, or even sometimes the beauty section of a store like Walgreens or Target.

Be patient with both the process of cutting bangs, and with getting to know your new cut!  Bangs can be a big change and it can take a while to get use to how to style them and wear them.  Have fun!

how to cut your own bangs
how to cut your own bangs

yucca brevifolia

joshua tree outfit.jpg

Soaking in the last rays of vitamin D down here in Joshua Tree before diving into the life of grey before me in the PNW.  We are all very thankful for the grey, though, after fires ravaged (and continue to ravage) much of the northwest.  I'm sure many Portlanders never felt so thankful for rain in their lives.  

This dress is ultra non-nursing-friendly, so I didn't wear it very long, but I couldn't resist throwing it on for some photos. I found it new-with-tags at the thrift store for a few bucks and it's oh so comfy.  One day when I don't have to expose my boobs every few hours I'll rock this dress for a full day.  For now, it only gets to live in an outfit post.

hat + shoes : urban x change | dress : thrifted (designer: lou & grey)

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