The Brave Life is all about living your most creative and joyful life, in whatever way that manifests for you.  For me, that means following our curiosity, indulging in the little pleasures of life, chasing after my big (and little) dreams and goals, inviting creativity into my life on a daily basis, and seeking joy that feeds the soul.

I'm Liz, nice to meet you!  I wrangle this here blog.  You can also find me creating features for South Sound Magazine and 425 Magazine, photographing wonderful humans + weddings, creating pretty things at Mojave Moon, selling the most amazing lipstick ever at The Drop Deads, and leading Wildbride Retreats.  As you can probably tell, I tend to fill my plate with maaaybe too many things?  But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way!

I started this blog (as Delightfully Tacky) in 2008 after discovering an online community of bloggers sharing inspiring things and decided to join in on the fun. I blogged about everything from decor, recipes, lifestyle, cocktail recipes, and all kinds of things that

inspired me. Nowadays things are more casual around here. I blog mostly about candid life, thoughts on being a human (and raising a human), and stuff that's stuck in my brain and wants to be written down.  I believe in living life with passion + creativity, hunting dreams with reckless abandon, and reveling in the beauty life gives us on a daily basis and I hope to share some of that here on this blog! 

I currently live in Tacoma, Washington with Dan, my husband, Dusty, our Corgi pup, and a tiny human who recently made his way into the world.  His name is Jack.  We live in little house that we're fixing up and making into a home. In addition to writing and blogging I photograph amazing people and when I'm not looking at people through a lens or working on my other myriad projects, I spend my time at home, drowning in Corgi fur and working on the computer while trying to keep my houseplants from dying.