Starting a new blog: why?

I've been thinking a lot about the reason for starting a separate blog from Delightfully Tacky.  I went back and forth about it for a long time debating whether it was really necessary, but I'm happy I did it.  Blogging at Delightfully Tacky over the years became less and less focused.  What started out as a blog focused solely on sharing outfits and my journey of discovering personal style and expression through clothing broadened out into more of a lifestyle blog, bringing in lots of different topics.  Eventually it started to feel like the waters were muddied and even I couldn't clearly see through to what my focus was.  I knew I liked writing.  I knew I liked photography.  I knew I liked creativity.  But I couldn't get a picture for what that space meant.  

So I stepped away. It was kind of unintentional.  I was so busy with Wildbride retreats and internet connectivity on the road was spotty.  I didn't feel like I had much to say or share.  So I didn't.  I didn't bother with trying to come up with content just for the sake of having something to post.  I'd stopped monetizing so I didn't need to bring in high pageviews for my stats to show sponsors.  Without the external pressure I let it just be.  And settle.  And step away.

And then I got pregnant and the distance and privacy felt real nice.  I felt like I was in a little cocoon.  I didn't even announce my pregnancy on my personal facebook page until I made the same announcement on the blog, we'd just tell friends in person when we felt like it.

So why the new blog?  I wanted to clarify Delightfully Tacky.  And that meant removing my personal life.  I still wanted to write about and share that stuff, though, especially with being pregnant and all, so creating a special place that was for that stuff alone seemed like the best solution.  I did the same on Instagram, so now I have a @delightfullytacky account for inspiration and creativity based posts, and then my @liz.morrow account where I can post personal life stuff and Liz Morrow Studios things which don't fit @delightfullytacky's focus.  I'll probably post more journal-like, essay based stuff here.  I'll be more wordy.  I'll talk about life and stuff of that nature.  I'll probably post kid pix when baby finally arrives.  Talk about motherhood.  You know. Life stuff.  
Why, then, am I keeping and reviving Delightfully Tacky?  I recently looked at my 5 year plan and realized that I'd pretty much done everything that was on it.  I'd taken a trip to Europe (and gone to Iceland with Dan), we'd gotten married and bought a house, and we're pregnant (In my 5 year plan I had written "Have a kid before I turn 30(?)".  My due date is about a week after I turn 30, talk about freaky!).  I needed a new 5 year plan.  I'm still working on what that looks like, as of now it's a lot of boring stuff like "have a decent savings plan/account" and "be financially stable" but one thing that kept coming up for each year I was looking at was, "Be Creative and Joyful"
And a sidenote: I'd originally written "Be living a creative and joyful life" and after talking to Dan and telling him about that he was like, "I feel like living a creative and joyful life is slightly different than being creative and joyful.  Like one is more what you look like from the outside and the other is who you truly are, even if it's not manifesting outwardly in a way that can be seen on, say, instagram."  and I liked that differentiation.  I don't want my life to just look Creative and Joyful, I want to be Creative and Joyful.  And in that desire I found a focus for Delightfully Tacky.

When I first started the blog, I was seeking inspiration for and a place to share my journey into exploring and celebrating personal style as a creative outlet.  I had never been into clothing or fashion and when I found personal style/fashion blogs it opened up this world to me of other ordinary people wearing cute outfits and being creative with what they put on in the morning.  It fed that creativity in me for a long time until eventually I didn't necessarily feel the desire to be super into putting together outfits anymore.  I still enjoyed getting dressed up and being creative in my clothing, but I'd made a full transformation from a high school kid who wore flare jeans and little boy t-shirts with skater shoes every day, to someone who knew how to express herself creatively with her clothing choices. 

What I'm seeking now is different, and perhaps broader.  I want to be creative and joyful in life and I want to be seeking that daily.  What does it mean to be creative and joyful?  What are ways to infuse my life with creativity and joy.  How do I be creative and joyful daily?  What does that look like?  Who are other people who are seeking the same thing who I can feature and share with my readers?  How can I empower my readers to be living creatively and joyfully in their own lives?  These are the questions that drive the rebooted Delightfully Tacky.  She has a purpose and a focus.  She's lighthearted and full of life.  She's inspiring.  She's helpful and thoughtful. (I guess Delightfully Tacky is a She now, haha).

Most importantly, she's not just about me. She's lifting others up, sharing about other rad women who are chasing dreams and bringing creativity into their lives.